Mission Statement and Information

The Practice


Capitol Rehab of Winchester is the only multidisiplinary clinic that offers chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy in the same location.  The ability to combine the very best of physical medicine from the highest caliber of professionals, yields the greatest and long term results.

Mission Statement

The mission of Capitol Rehab is to provide excellent patient-centered care by a dedicated and innovative healthcare team.



Capitol Rehab of Winchester

230 Costello Dr. Suite #1

Winchester, VA 22602


What Makes Us Different?


No Referral Required

Whether being treated by our physical therapy  or chiropractic staff, a referral is is most often not required to apply private insurance benefits.  This saves you time and money, while increasing your speed of recovery.

Direct Patient Care

At Capitol Rehab you will receive direct patient care with your doctor or licensed / certified professional at all times.  We strive for constant correct feedback to our patients which is only achieved by being with you throughout your entire visit.  


Ease of Communication


At your first visit, you will be provided with a flowsheet of your exercises, on that sheet, your doctor's email address will also be provided.  This will allow immediate communication when any questions or concerns arise outside of normal clinic hours.


Active Care 


In most chiropractic settings, a patient will only receive an adjustment for the area of concern.  This is not the case at Capitol Rehab.  Our chiropractic staff works extensively with our physical therapy staff to provide an active exercise component to your care.  This reduces overall treatment length and significantly improves long standing positive outcomes.